If you don’t know too much about Grand Cayman there are two distinct sides to the island (geographically AND more importantly culturally).  There is the touristy, some would say over commercialized, west side with the world renowned Seven Mile Beach, the cruise port and obviously the tourists and all that entails.

Our condo is on the East End of Grand Cayman and is far removed from the tourism of the island as possible.  It’s a place to relax, recharge and revitalize.  The pace is slower, the breeze is refreshing and the landscape is unspoiled.

Of course you can visit the West Side any time and in fact we’d highly recommend a couple trips into town for jewelery shopping, some upscale dining, catch a movie or a long walk down Seven Mile Beach.  Of course, we’d also suggest you do that on days when there are a minimum number of cruise ships in port!


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Google Earth:

Latitude:  19°20’53.58″N
Longitude:  81° 5’33.90″W

Google Earth Image

The stick pin represents our building. Another building has been added to the north (left) of our building since this Google Image was taken

You can see one of the pools directly to the right of our building, the tennis court and pier.  The “L” shaped building across the street is a small roadside mall that houses a grocery store, ATM, a gift shop, a liquor store, a restaurant and a doughnut shop.