About Us

Our unit at Castaways’ Cove is privately owned.  The building was certified for occupancy during October 2007 and we purchased pre-construction so ownership has been continuous since its opening.

We live in southwestern Ontario, Canada although we rent to people all over the world.  Until very recently our unit was only rented through the resort’s rental pool.  We have since decided that we can more effectively control the usage of our unit if we take responsibility for this ourselves.

We often stay at Castaways’ Cove for several weeks every year so we know what it is we speak of.  We are not absentee landlords and we take care during the rental process.  We want our guests to be comfortable and have as much information as they may require in order to enjoy their stay in our beachfront unit.

If you have any questions or concerns at all please don’t hesitate to contact us – please click on the “Contact” menu item above in order to send us a message.